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At Fibar, play safety is the number one priority. In a Fibar playground design, each of the following playground components play an essential role in contributing to a safe, dry, and long-lasting Fibar System playground safety surface. When used in combination as specified, these playground components enable us to offer the playground surface industry’s only 25-year warranty, while providing substantial protection for children and peace of mind for specifiers, owner/operators, teachers, and parents.


FibarGuard Playground Border



Fibar® Engineered Wood Fiber is a manufactured blend of pliable all-natural wood fibers—not wood chips! Attractive in color and texture, they are engineered to knit together to form a firm, stable, slip-resistant surface that’s accessible to physically challenged children with wheelchairs and walkers. Mothers with strollers benefit too! International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) has certified Fibar to ASTM F1292 (impact) and F2075 (Engineered Wood Fiber quality standard) standards.






FibarFelt is a needle-punched 100% non-woven geotextile fabric that separates the Engineered Wood Fiber from the soil below. This critical material allows water to flow through it while ensuring that rocks and soil do not contaminate the EWF.

FibarFelt is used in every FibarSystem playground design to cover the sub-grade and drainage trench to ensure proper drainage and play safety. All seams should be overlapped by 3". Slit the FibarFelt to fit around the footings of the equipment.  Where possible, overlap all slits with the next piece of FibarFelt. TOP OF PAGE


FibarMat wear mats



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Fibar Wheelchair Access Ramp
(for use with FibarGuard Black Borders only)
Crafted from tough, High-Density Polyethylene. Won’t fade, splinter, or crack. Wide enough even for motorized wheelchairs. The easiest way for kids in wheelchairs to access an above-ground
playground. ADA compliant.



Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber



FibarDrain is a drainage matrix that channels water away from the playground, maintaining a playable surface even after a heavy rain. This means a playground design that allows for more time on the playground, no mud on the kids’ shoes, and happy teachers and maintenance personnel! FibarDrain prevents deterioration of the Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber. FibarDrain is so effective that it enables us to offer a 25-year Warranty for the entire playground surface.

FibarDrain is flexible so it can conform to the playground substrate. It's composed of a needle-punched 100% non-woven geotextile sleeve surrounding a monofilament nylon mesh. The sleeve allows water to soak through while keeping out soil and other particlulate contaminants. The mesh holds the sleeve open to facilitate the flow of water. FibarDrain strips are laid down on 6' centers in the direction of the grade. TOP OF PAGE



FibarFelt geotextile fabric



FibarMat is a 3’ x 3’ rubber mat with beveled (handicapped-friendly) edges that prevents excessive wear under swings and slide exits. FibarMats are loved by maintenance personnel because they make daily raking a thing of the past. FibarSystems' warranties require the use of FibarMats.

FibarMat rubber playground mats can be installed on top of the Fibar wood fiber, in the middle of Fibar wood fiber, or under the Fibar (on top of FibarFelt material). On sale now at $175 - plus FREE shipping in the continental U.S. Buy Now online.

Disclaimer - There will be added costs for a liftgate delivery or residential delivery.

Learn why no wood fiber playground surface is complete without FibarMats.


FibarGuard Black ADA Wheelchair Access Ramp




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