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FibarIndoor | Play Safety Surfaces

New FibarIndoor:
Engineered for

Made from the most technologically advanced materials, FibarIndoor offers
all these advantages:
asterisk Exceeds ASTM F1292 guidelines to absorb impact
from falls.
asterisk Exceeds ADA accessibility rules. Passes ASTM F1951.
asterisk Impervious to spills.
asterisk Resists stains and soiling.

Select from 2 top layer types
FibarIndoor is built with two layers. The shock-absorbing bottom is made from the same material as the safetypadding in your car. The top layer is available in three different materials to suit your needs:
asterisk Carpeting, in a wide range of patterns and colors. FibarIndoor Carpet is the only floor covering with a 20-year warranty covering edge ravel, zippering, delamination, and excessive static.
asterisk Heavy-duty rubber. Made from recycled tires with color accents, this surface is good for the environment, easy to maintain, easy to keep clean.

2 ways to install
All FibarIndoor surfaces give you a choice of two kinds of installation: virtually seamless, or easily installed tiles.

World leader in play safety surfacing FibarIndoor is a subsidiary of the Fibar Group LLC, the recognized world leader in playground safety surfacing with over 40,000 commercial playground surface installations and more than 25 years’ experience.

Qualified representatives Most FibarIndoor exclusive representatives are certified by the National Playground Safety Institute (NPSI) as Qualified Playground Inspectors.

View larger immage of swatches.
Many Owner/Operators of indoor play areas may not realize the risks of inadequate fall protection. The fact is, a child is injured in a play area every two minutes of everyday–and 70% of all play area injuries result from falls to the surface.

Off-the-shelf mats help, but they haven’t been tested to meet government standards. Worse, many areas are just carpet over concrete, where even a one-foot fall could be fatal!

is the only indoor play safety surface backed by a 20-year limited performance warranty and $10 million of product liability insurance.

For more information: To reach an expert on indoor play safety surfaces, call us at 800-342-2721 or email us at or write us at The Fibar Group LLC, 80 Business Park Drive, Suite 300, Armonk NY 10504.


Get a price quote now! Contact the experts in Playground Safety Surfaces today!

Call us at 800.342.2721 or send us your request