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FibarSystems | General Information

The 2012 Federal Accessibility Law requires all playground surfaces to be accessible. Surfaces must pass ASTM F1951 (accessibility) and F1292 (impact) to ensure compliance with the Law. It is essential that the surface is installed correctly including ADA FibarMat wear mats and an accessible entryway. The
surface must be maintained according to Fibar’s maintenance instructions.

Prior to the start of construction, you will receive a binder with all the necessary information to properly construct your Fibar System playground safety surface. It will also include special tools to make the job more efficient, and to help ensure playground equipment safety. Additional copies are available upon request at no charge.

These rubber wear mats provide extra protection and accessibility. To prevent displacement of the Fibar in high-use areas, FibarMat wear mats must be installed under all swings, tire swings, slide exits, and all other wear areas, including sliding poles. This will help to ensure compliance with the Federal Accessibility Law of March 15, 2012. Note: A FibarMat wear mat must be installed under all swings and slide exits to preserve the Warranty.

A Use Zone of at least 6 feet must surround all equipment for complete playground equipment safety; with the exception of:

  • Swings: A Use Zone equal to 4 times the height of the top rail is needed in front of and behind swings (2 times in front and 2 times behind) to ensure a safe swing set.
  • Slides: For playground protection on slides, the Use Zone surrounding a slide should be a minimum of 6 feet, except for the slide exit area where the Use Zone shall be a minimum of 6 feet or the distance between the highest point of the slide to the protective surfacing. The Use Zone at the slide exit need not exceed 8 feet.

For More Information About Use Zones:

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
Washington, DC 20207
Toll Free: (800) 683-2772

American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)
100 Barr Harbor Dr., W. Conshohocken, PA 19428-2959
(610) 832-9500 Fax: 610-832-9666

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
178 Rexdale Blvd, Toronto, Ontario M9W1R3, Canada
(416) 747-4000

Comprehensive instructions on maintenance are included with FibarSystems installation instructions.Your local Representative is available to deal with any immediate questions you might have. 

Fibar® Engineered Wood Fiber was tested by U.S. Testing Laboratory, Textile Service Division. Detailed test results are available from The Fibar Group, LLC.

are unique playground surface products, the creation and origination of which are covered by U.S. Patent Numbers 4,679,963; 5,026,207; and 5,076,726. Prior to construction, the installer must obtain a license from The Fibar Group, LLC. There is no charge for this license. Following the designs according to the patents ensures that FibarSystems will be installed correctly, with the correct material, which, in turn, guarantees coverage under all applicable warranties and product liability insurance.

We deliver Fibar® Engineered Wood Fiber in large trucks and unload via an automatic live-floor system. Our trucks have the following specifications:

  • 60' in length (15' cab and 45' trailer)
  • 8' wide
  • 14' high
  • 80,000 lbs. fully loaded

Please make sure that there is a suitable area for access and delivery.

Fibar delivery truck

“Safety and Legal Compliance for Playground Surfaces” and “FibarSystem Accessibility” are available from your local Representative or The Fibar Group, LLC. Presentations with featured speakers can be arranged for large groups.

We pledge Total Customer Satisfaction for every product we provide. If you require service, and it has not been provided, you are urged to call the President of The Fibar Group, LLC, Henry Mustacato, at (800) 342-2721 or (914) 273-8770. Fax: (914) 273-8659. Or write to our main office:The Fibar Group, LLC, Suite 300, 80 Business Park Dr., Armonk, NY 10504-1705. The Fibar Group, LLC has over 130 exclusive Representatives in the United States and Canada.

The Fibar Group, LLC is a member of IPEMA, the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association. IPEMA is a member-driven organization whose mission is to assist in providing creative, fun, and safe play environments for children.

 IPEMA Member logo


IPEMA Certified

In the interest of public playground safety, IPEMA provides a Third Party Certification Service whereby an independent laboratory validates a surfacing manufacturer’s conformance to ASTM F1292, Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation Under and Around Playground Equipment, and for an engineered wood fiber manufacturer, its certification of conformance, also, to ASTM F2075, Standard Specification for Engineered Wood Fiber for Use as a Playground Safety Surface Under and Around Playground Equipment, Section 4.6, for testing the presence of Tramp Metal. The use of the corresponding logo(s) in Fibar materials signifies that The Fibar Group, LLC has received written validation from the independent laboratory that the product(s) associated with the use of the logo(s) conforms to the requirements of the indicated standard. Check the IPEMA website ( to confirm product certification, its thickness, and critical height.



Get a price quote now! Contact the experts in Playground Safety Surfaces today!

Call us at 800.342.2721 or send us your request